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The next Division meeting is Thursday April 3, 2014 at 7:30PM at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Hampton Bays. Below are a few notes from the March County Board meeting.

April 23, 2014 is the next Hibernian Pistol & Rifle meeting at the LI Shooting Center

April 27, 2014 is the County Ball at the Venetian in Babylon from 4:00PM to 8:00PM

May 3, 2014 is the NYS Board meeting.

May 18, 2014 is the Thomas Clarke memorial ceremony.

Under the Freedom for all Ireland report, it was noted that former Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain is calling for amnesty for the British soldiers involved in the Bloody Sunday killings.

On July 20, 2014 at Division 2, the Tara Court Major Degree Team will be holding a fundraiser. On April 14 they will be holding a Team meeting and the Suffolk Major Degree has been scheduled for September 7 at Division 2.

All Divisions were requested to sponsor a hole for the annual golf outing at the NY Board meeting in May.

Lasty, Father Henry Reed, Suffolk and NY Board Chaplin, discussed Guinness and Heineken pulling sponsorships of St Patrick's Day Parades. He explained that the US Distributor, Diageo Spirits, made the move to pull the sponsorships. Division 2 has pulled all Diageo related products from their bar and will not offer it at their hall. Also, at the Suffolk County Ball, the Board has asked the venue not to serve those products. Father Reed encouraged all Hibernians not to consume these products. He also mentioned that for the NYC Parade, sponsorships total about $80,000. Of that amount $30,000 is from the Ford Motor Company, who refused to pull its sponsorship of the parade.

Brothers let me know if you wish to share anything in the newsletter. .

Please keep in your prayers our departed brothers.






Dear Brothers,

     Thank you for providing us with the wonderful privilege of representing our division at the 96th Annual New York State AOH/LAOH Convention. It was a truly enlightening experience that left both of us feeling extremely proud to be part of an order of Irish Catholic men and women who actively engaged in a democratic process to foster keen interest and hope for the future of our shared Irish-American heritage at the local, county, state and national levels.

     The Convention was held at the Hilton Hotel in Pearl River, New York. Approximately 700 delegates were in attendance. The event opened with greetings and a light reception on Wednesday evening, followed by a formal opening of the convention in chambers on Thursday morning at 9 A.M. Our State President, Charles �Chip� McLean presided over the affairs of the day, on Thursday and Friday, receiving delegates who verbally presented committee reports on a range of issues important to the administration and operation of the order, or reflective of its various priorities. To that end, several reports are highlighted below:

Report of the State Vice-President, Michael McNabb: regarding efforts to establish �Junior� divisions across the state as a feeder program to encourage young people to develop early appreciation and interest in their Irish-American heritage and culture.

Report of the State Secretary, James J. Burke: regarding the status of all boards and divisions within the state.

Report of the State Treasurer, Tim McSweeney: regarding all income and expenditures of the AOH for the period 6/30/10 � 7/14/11

Report on Irish Immigration by State Chairman, Dan Dennehy: regarding efforts to educate federal officials about an improved visa and immigration program for Irish citizens, and touchingly, the mission of the group Thar Saile regarding the unresolved status of former Irish Republican Political prisoners living in the United States. For more information, visit

Report of the Political Education Committee, Liam McNabb: regarding efforts to work with the K of C, Catholic Conference, Conference on Private Organizations, and legislators to promote family values, ways to improve revenue to various groups by lessening financial burdens borne by organizations the serve the commonweal. Divisions are encouraged to document ALL activities of division Charities and Mission committees since this will help state efforts to demonstrate to elected officials the level of charity work performed by our Order.

Report of the State Publicity Chairman, John C. O�Connell: as the natural companion to the mission of the Political Education Committee, all division are encouraged to institute a local Publicity Committee to cultivate good public relations with local media and to educate the general public about the good works of the division.

Commodore John Barry Report by Chair pro tem, Mike Kearney: regarding ongoing efforts to gain formal Federal recognition at the Annapolis Naval Academy for Irish Catholic Commodore John Barry, American Revolutionary hero and founder of the American Navy. A �Barry� Gate and interior memorial is proposed in his name.




     It was our pleasure to hear from various candidates for state office and boards during the week. We also attended the Suffolk County AOH Caucus presided over by County President, Tom McKenna to decide upon our choices for the selection of a location for the 2012 state convention (Saratoga, N.Y. won over Nassau), and in the one contested race - to advocate for the successful candidacy of Suffolk County AOH brother, Vic Vogel from Division 7, Islip, for the position of AOH State Treasurer.

     On Saturday Afternoon, we took part in the formal election of new officers. The election was conducted by outgoing state president �Chip� McLean. Chip is a terrific speaker, who is at ease in his role, inclusive in style, and conveys to all a wonderful sense of our core values of friendship, brotherly love and Christian Charity. His successor, Mike McNabb of Auburn, N.Y. was warmly received by all in attendance. Mike was nominated by his father, followed by two seconding speeches from his two sons.

     Once the convention was closed, we prepared ourselves for the formal Installation Dinner later in the day. Here, we observed the orderly transfer of power from the current state administration to the newly elected incoming officers for the AOH and LAOH. Both ceremonies were conducted in a dignified manner with all newly minted officials led into their respective places of honor by the members of the very polished Major Degree team.

     Brothers, we express our sincere gratitude for the chance to represent our division at the convention,


,Robert �Bob� Boden, President                     Patrick �Skip� Heaney, Vice President




Hail Mary


Se do bheatha, a Mhuire ata lan de grasta, ta an Tiarna leat
SHAY duh VAH-hah uh WEER-uh, uh_taw lawn deh GRAW-stuh, TAW un CHEER-nuh lat.

Is beannaithe thu idir mna, agus is beannaithe toradh do bhroinne Iosa
Iss ban-ee-eh hoo ihjur muh-raw, ah-gus iss ban-ee-eh TOR-uh duh VRIN-eh EE-suh.

A Naomh Mhuire, a Mhathair De, gui orainn na peacai, anois agus ar uair ar mbais. Aimean.
Uh NEEV WEER-uh, uh WAW-heer JAY, ghee OR-in nuh PAK-ee, ah-nish ah-gus air OOW-eer OR MAWSH. AW-may-un.



Hampton Bays Hibernians Inc., P.O. Box 440, Hampton Bays, NY 11946