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    History of the AOH

    By Stephen M. Flaherty

    Far northern lands hold no allure
    nor southern suns that shine
    All those I've known in bygone days,
    when wounderlust was mine.
    Mid wondrous scenes of far-off lands
    in dreams I wander down
    the dew wet briared boreens
    that lead to Clifden Town.

    My age-worn face would light with joy,
    when wet with April"s rain,
    the skylark's song to cheer me on
    the old way back again: The mountain rills in laughter light,
    blossoms above the loon,
    on the old road down to Galway,
    the road that leads to home.

    To feast my eyes on Corrib's wave,
    in morning's sunshine clear,
    beneath bright skies of azure sheen,
    when heaven itself seems near.
    Blue misty hills and moorlands brown,
    that call me where I roam,
    to the old road down to Galway,
    the road that leads to home.

    Thrice twenty years will pale one's brow.
    Heaven grant me one golden morn,
    beside the dock, a staunch ship waiting for me,
    one golden morn, I on the deck,
    its sharp prow cleaving foam,
    for the old road back to Galway-
    the road that leads to home.

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